Diana Washbourne

Diana Washbourne FNATD, Cert.Ed - Principal & Managing Director

Principal of the Glenlyn Academy for over 30 years, an Examiner with the NATD for over 25 years, and a veteran lecturer, Diana is among the most experienced performing arts teachers in the country.

A Glenlyn alumni herself – Diana started classes at the Academy at the age of three under the tutorage of Miss Ruby Jiggens. Whilst at the Academy, Diana was chosen to be the model for the front cover of the ‘Drina Ballerina’ series of books. These covers remained until they were updated last year.

Through Glenlyn, Diana gained her professional teaching qualifications before leaving the Academy to embark on a three-year teaching course in Oxford. On returning to London, Diana was appointed as a teacher at Glenlyn.

As well as teaching, Diana is a published writer, having written the book ‘Basic Tap Dancing’. This book features photographs of Glenlyn students. She is an experienced dance lecturer and travels around the country giving dance master classes.

Diana spearheaded the take over of a small dancing school in Lee Green, which now forms the foundation of our Lee branch.

Outside of Diana’s duties at the Academy, she is also an Examiner with the NATD, travelling across the country examining dance students. She is a member of the NATD’s Tap Committee, which investigates and assesses current dance syllabi and trends. She is also a member of the NATD’s London Area Theatrical Committee organising workshops and teacher training days.

Email diana.washbourne@glenlynacademy.com