The Glenlyn Academy prides itself on creating a friendly atmosphere that provides a high standard of training to challenge all students. We work in partnership with our parents and students to deliver a high-quality experience and ensure they flourish during their time with us.

All students are taught in a relaxed and professionally disciplined environment with students attending classes throughout the week and at weekends. Specialist workshops and rehearsals are also held in addition to timetabled classes. Technical classes are organised so that students of the same standard may train together, even if they are in different academic years.

Glenlyn Academy places great importance on the pastoral care of its students. Overseen by the Principal, the Academy provides student support and advice in many practical areas; training, education and career development, welfare and related issues. Students and their parents may have private meetings with the Principal, Vice-Principal, Pastoral Liaison Officer or class tutors on request.

Four of my young people have enjoyed many years at Glenlyn ranging from 17 to 8 years. They have loved attending classes and have been well supported and nurtured. They work and play hard. They have learnt to be disciplined and have been encouraged to develop their passion in performing arts, not just as a hobby but as career choice.

Siobhan Gibbs, Parent

Glenlyn Academy has an outstanding record of success with all students wishing to pursue further training post-18 in performing arts, securing places at the country’s leading full-time colleges.

GA has a first class reputation, earned across eighty years of training in dance, acting, singing and musical theatre. Our graduates can be seen performing in musicals, theatre, television and dance companies around the world.

Whilst at Glenlyn, our students thrive on stage, in the studio and in the examination room. Over the past five years, 80% of our students have received a Distinction in examinations taken in Acting, Musical Theatre, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics and Street Jazz.

Glenlyn Academy is committed in giving our students the best possible start for a successful future.

The majority of our students want to pursue a career in the performing arts and Glenlyn Academy gives them the skills, knowledge and experience they need to gain places at some of the country’s leading full-time vocational colleges.

Although many of our students are working towards training full-time in performing arts, Glenlyn Academy also recognises that there are some students who attend classes purely for enjoyment and to gain confidence. Glenlyn Academy is proud to be able to give students skills for life and unique and enjoyable performing opportunities.


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Glenlyn Academy, has basically been like my second home since I was three years old. I always remember the first time my parents dropped me off at the academy and Miss Diana took my hand and said,“everything is going to be okay”.  I followed her into the studio and had one of the best moments in my life. The teachers here are very welcoming. I mostly enjoy Glenlyn because everyone inspires me to excel to the best of my abilities. They have always told me to follow my dreams and be who you are.
I love Glenlyn so much.

I have been at Glenlyn for 3 years now and I still love it. It is helping me achieve my dream of being a dancer and singer. I love seeing all my friends I have made at Glenlyn. My favourite class is musical theatre because you can sing and dance and we have fun!

The experience of Glenlyn for me is really good, they have shows and you can go onto the stage and dance and sing and it’s just a really great experience for me. The teachers are really kind, I really like it there.


Since I have been at Glenlyn Academy,I have met some amazing friends and the teachers are extremely kind. I love attending Glenlyn because there are lots of opportunities for people and it’s a place where your dreams can come true.

It is a friendly community, the teachers support you and I have made loads of friends. I like that there are so many different classes for me to learn new things.

I love GA because its a great place to show your full potential. It is so sociable and everyone is involved.

GA gives you lots of opportunities and you get to make new friends and get taught by really good dance teachers!


Coming to GA has been an amazing experience for me. Every week I look forward to all of my classes. The teachers have helped me to improve my singing, dancing and drama skills as well as always being friendly and supportive. Our shows are a highlight for me since they give everyone an opportunity to showcase themselves and perform and they get better every year thanks to everyone being pushed to work hard by the teachers and their friends. But my favourite part and the most important part to me is the community. I’ve met some amazing friends during my time here that I wouldn’t change for the world. I think that’s what makes life at Glenlyn so special.

Being at Glenlyn has been an integral part of my life for 6 years. It’s developed my dance technique, given me performance experience and most of all developed my confidence. When I joined, I was terrified to talk to anyone, but over the years I have made so many friendships to people I would now consider as family. Glenlyn has been a very fun and enjoyable experience that I will never forget and am glad to be apart of.

I’ve attended Glenlyn Academy for the majority of my life and over the years have spent hundreds of hours learning, training and performing with Glenlyn. Not only have I learnt a great deal about the performing arts world but I’ve also made some life-long friends and created some amazing memories. From being at Glenlyn, my confidence has grown greatly over the years thanks to the teachers’ encouraging and motivating spirit. The opportunities are endless and the experiences are unforgettable. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my time over the years anywhere else, with anyone else.

I joined GA about a year ago and it changed my life completely! They have helped me achieve so many things and my confidence has had a major boost. I am very happy I joined and I can’t wait to continue my journey.

Since I joined GA, ever year I improve as a performer but most importantly my confidence has increased immensely. The students and teachers have become my family. everyone is intertwined here and it’s reflected in our performances. I have truly found a safe place within Glenlyn Academy.

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