With a fresh look and feel, the new site affords users the opportunity to navigate through Glenlyn Academy’s extensive product and service offering with ease. Delivering a fully responsive experience, the new website gives users a seamless transition from desktop to mobile browsing, and intelligently integrates the Online Store with the main site.

The new hub sees everything rehoused in one central space and users can move seamlessly between class information, the agency, the online store as well as news articles and blog posts.

“We are excited about the launch of our new site, we hope visitors will be able to find information on Glenlyn Academy with ease. We love the new look and feel of the site, especially the integration of all aspects of GA in one place. The new site is another piece in the jigsaw of our marketing strategy and aligns our digital platform much more closely to our brand,” says Ben Briscoe, Vice-Principal and Creative Director at GA.

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