31st August 2020

On 7th September 2020 Glenlyn Academy’s studios in Sydenham will reopen. From Saturday 12th September 2020 Glenlyn Academy’s studios in Chislehurst will reopen. All classes will now be held in studios.

Travelling to and from our studios

Parents and students should try and avoid public transport where possible during busy periods.

Entry procedure

We have instigated a one-way system at the school that includes the use of separated, designated entrances. Students will be given individual arrival times and entrances for their classes (please do not arrive earlier than your allocated time). On arrival, students will receive a temperature check from a Studio Marshall and be asked to sanitise their hands. They will be assigned a space in the relevant studio to work in. Parents are not permitted to enter the school.

Collection procedure

After the conclusion of classes, students will be escorted by a Studio Marshall to be collected by their parents outside of the school. Parents are not permitted to enter the school to collect their children. We will not permit students under 16 years of age to leave the premises alone without a letter of consent from their parents.

Social distancing: Students

Students aged 6 to 18 must maintain a one metre plus distance from each other at all times whilst inside the studios at Glenlyn Academy. There are floor-marked guides in the studios to ensure students can maintain their distance. Whilst outdoors, students aged 11 and under do not need to socially distance, however students aged 12 to 18 should maintain a one metre plus distance.

Social distancing: Staff

Students must maintain a two metre distance from staff members where possible and where not, a one metre plus distance at all other times. Should staff need to be closer than one metre plus, a mask and gloves will be worn. Staff are not required to wear masks while teaching, however they are required to wear a mask when moving between studios and in other parts of the school.

Working in our studios

A floor-marked grid system has been created in all studios and students will be assigned a section of studio to work in. They will regularly be asked to sanitise their hands especially before coming into contact with shared equipment (barre, acrobatic mats etc.). All equipment will be sanitised between each class. Class sizes have been reduced to enable social distancing. Exercises have been adapted to ensure students can maintain a suitable distance. Materials required for singing and drama classes must not be shared.

Dancewear and uniform

Students should arrive for class wearing the required dancewear and/or uniform. There will be designated spaces for bags to be placed, but please keep the amount of equipment brought into the school to a minimum. Footwear should be worn at all times; socks and barefeet are not permitted. Each individual student
must bring their own bag into the school.


Students should bring their own refreshments and enough water to last for the duration of the time they are at the school. Water bottles can not be refilled.

Hand hygiene

Students should thoroughly wash their hands before leaving their house to attend class. On arrival students will be required to use a non-water based hand sanitiser. Between classes and during breaks students will be regularly required to wash and sanitise their hands. Students should wash their hands when they arrive home
after class.

Toilet facilities

Toilets will be cleaned before, during and after each day. Students will be permitted to use the toilets between classes and during break times. Students will not be allowed to use the toilets during a class. A Studio Marshall will ensure that students adhere to social distancing whilst waiting to use the toilets. After using the toilet, students should thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water. There are additional hand sanitisers within the toilet facilities and throughout the rest of the school.


Students are not required to wear a mask in class, but may do so if they wish.
Teachers are not required to wear a mask while teaching as they will be in a socially distanced teaching area. However when moving outside of this area, staff will be required to wear a mask.


Students must not attend classes if they present with any symptoms of Covid-19. These include a high temperature, flu like symptoms such as cold or persistent cough and a loss of sense such as smell or taste. Parents should also consider illness within their household. Please inform us immediately if a student tests
positive for Coronavirus.

Information will be continuously updated on our dedicated website www.glenlynacademy.com/returntostudios

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